Deborah is a well known and esteemed hair & makeup artist with over 20 years of professional experience. 

Having worked primarily in television, commercials, music, fashion and media, 

She is highly regarded in the industry for her expertise, creativity and professionalism.

As head of the makeup department for MTV Australia for 15 years, as well as freelancing, she had the opportunity to work with a plethora of local and international artists.  With a long list of notable celebrity faces to her credit (see resume below), she is also in her element working on local productions, television commercials events and clients.

Deborah has sought a completely creative life from an early age.  She moved to Sydney from rural Victoria to study art, then studied performing arts for 3 years before discovering her passion as a make up artist. 

Her understanding of the creative process, colour, design and detail are matched by few. 


"I love to focus on beautiful, glowing skin, balancing and enhancing key features, to create a magnificent aesthetic, appropriate to the occasion and the creative direction needed. My approach to all makeup foremost is to create a beautiful canvas, like prepping a painting. I believe in enhancing  the natural beauty and allowing the individual strengths of a clients features to shine through.  There are times for dramatic transformation and a touch of theatre in makeup but mostly, everyone deserves to present themselves with confidence and natural radiance .  I have the skills, forged over years of experience and dedication, to achieve this with ease and expertise."

Deborah Munday



"I began ... under (the) mentorship of make-up artist extraordinaire, Deborah Munday. I would honestly attest that Deborah taught me near everything I know. Deborah essentially taught me the ethos of makeup in particular to never approach it from a negative perspective. She taught me how to place and blend makeup in terms of mapping a face correctly and working with what the client likes. Being tactile, teachable and humble counts for a lot. I knew very early on the direction I wanted to take."


Dale Dorning in the Daily Telegraph, 21 September 2013

Deborah Munday

Makeup Artist/Hair

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